The Expert’s Guide to Hospitality Management Courses in India

The tourism industry in India has been the most flourishing industries for the couple of decades, whereas it has seen a tremendous inflow of tourists in these years. However, the growth of the industry doesn’t depend on the international tourists only. Besides, there are thousands of Indians travelling to disinct places within the country for holidaying and/or work. With such expansion, hotel and hospitality Management courses are creating great career opportunities for the wannabes, as it goes growing. There is a tremendous requirement for trained manpower to serve the industry and thus many scholars are getting interested in pursuing their career in Hospitality Management.

When you go for a Hospitality management course, it not only focuses on training you for these departments but also give you a brief understanding of other areas of work.

Opportunities for Hospitality Graduates:

Globalization and development of Tourism Industry has opened up innumerable openings. As a result bachelors can look forward to following career opportunities:

•             Trainee In Hotel And Allied Industry

•             Flight Kitchens  Opportunities For Career Building

•             Professional Executive In Leading Fast Food Chains

•             Guest / Customer Relation Personal Executive In Hotels And Other Service Sectors

•             Hospital And Institutional Catering Professional Executives

•             Trained Faculty In Hotel Management / Food Craft Institutes

•             Cabin Crew In National And International Airlines

•             Professional Catering Officers Or Chefs In Cruise Lines

•             Dynamic Marketing / Sales  Executives On Hotels

•             Professional Executives In Tourism Development Corporations And Resort Properties

Popular courses that candidates can pursue in this field include:

BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.

The National Council for Hotel Management and IGNOU administers the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Management jointly. The Three –Year program furnishes students with all the demanded skills, knowledge and attitude to efficiently execute supervisory competencies in the Hospitality sector. The course also incorporates of in-depth kitchen works for learners to acquire knowledge and skills in the operational areas of Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Front Office Operation and House Keeping. The program imparts substantial Managements inputs area such as Sales & Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Hotel & Catering Law, Property Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Computers with special focus on Tourism Studies.

BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism

It is an area of study that imparts the skills and knowledge to adopt essential roles within the leisure industry, from theme parks and resorts to entertainment venues. General course topics may include economics, functional management, accounting, and foreign languages. Degree programs may focus on one of three areas: food and beverage management, travel management or hotel management.

MBA in Hospitality Management

MBA in Hospitality Management is a PG program that offers knowledge about the various type of management roles in hospitality businesses such as hotels, resorts, holiday resorts and others.

During the program, students are taught about different skill sets required for various departments such as stay & accommodation, food & beverage, events & conferences, tourism services, entertainment and others.

Aspirants with a master’s degree in hospitality management are in a great demand as they help to identify customer’s demands and bringing profit and business to the organization. The course has a wide range of topics to cover such as personality development, principles and practices of management.

MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management

Hospitality management course, the term suggests taking care of the visitors or guests irrespective of the venue. If we talk about hospitality management, it is not necessary that the visitors will be staying in the hotel. Visitors to a club, office, institution, restaurant and even the patients at the hospital need to be attended too.

 And professionals trained in hospitality management are the perfect to cater them in the best possible way.

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